Hippie Stick

Gift Card

By selecting this groovy gift card, you are giving the gift of choice... we are sure your friends will dig it! 

Friendly for our vegan chicks, Hippie Sticks shades are crafted from organic mineral pigments for the grooviest of colours. How bold you apply your Hippie Sticks is up to you! For a light hydrating tint, one layer will do the trick. For a bolder look, treat yourself to a second layer. A matte finish more your style? Some setting powder will complete your foxy look. 

From the moment you apply our all-natural, vegan friendly formulation, your lips will enjoy a burst of hydration. Dry lips won’t be raining on our parade! Experience the benefits of a lip balm and lipstick all in one thanks to ultra-nourishing ingredients that leave your lips feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. 

Like everything we do, your Hippie Sticks is paired with a total commitment to the planet. Once you’ve applied your lipstick for the last time, our tubes are designed to be planted. Enriched with corn flower seeds, watch your Hippie Stick bloom into blossoming blues and violets that nurture our bees.

Handmade in New Zealand

Our ingredients and products are never tested on animals, do not contain palm oil and are vegan.