About us

Who we are

For us, it’s all about peace, love and sustainability.


Located in Canterbury in New Zealand’s South Island, Hippie Stick was born from our family’s passion for the environment around us. 


We’d been producing natural cosmetics for a few years but the contribution to our world’s plastic problem put a damper on our pride. We knew we could do better for our fellow hippies.  


That’s when we started working on giving back to the earth by creating a zero-waste system. Let’s face it. Compostable packaging is groovy but unless that packet hits the soil, it’s not working its magic. Embedding corn flower seeds into our tubes, we want you to discover how your contribution to the planet can literally bloom. The world’s first plantable lipstick was born! 


So, why corn flower? Flourishing in cheer and positivity with its vibrant blues and violets, corn flower is a valuable food source for our world’s bees. The heart of our environment’s ecosystem, our Hippie Sticks bloom with corn flower to give back to the creatures that tirelessly serve us and need protecting more than ever. 


With every swipe across your lips, your favourite Hippie Stick is creating a powerful difference to the world around you. Free from palm oil, always cruelty free and suitable for our vegan pals, Hippie Sticks are packed with lip-loving ingredients to nourish, protect and hydrate. Highly pigmented, how bright and bold you apply your lips is totally up to you!